Of course their English journal has failed, what did you expect?

The Times of Malta has published an interesting feature on the Labour Party’s abandoned English-language news website. This now-defunct website failed in the most comical manner as the Labour Party couldn’t even find any decent contributors to sustain it. So far, it has been filled with infantile garbage which resembles a bad English translation of the horrible propaganda by ONE. It wasn’t supposed to be this way – the website was supposed to attract the “intelligentsia” to Labour.

The only “intelligentsia” today that regularly and publicly supports the Labour Party are academics like Carmen Sammut who have been rewarded their positions at the University of Malta thanks to Labour’s power of incumbency and nepotism. Meanwhile, on a political level, Robert Abela has surrounded himself with imbeciles and appointed them in important posts, like Tony Sultana. The man-child can’t tolerate criticism or anyone telling him that he is remotely wrong, so the government and public entities are now being run by some of the most incompetent people out there. This is a very typical Soviet scenario where the government and public entities are taken over by the most loyal yet incompetent imbeciles of the Party.

On the other hand, both Robert Abela and Randolph Debattista have had a very clear position on Malta’s “intelligentsia”. Robert Abela is aware that he will never get the vote of the “intelligentsia” so he decided to go to war against them and this is why no effort is being spared to update Labour’s English-language journal. The first major reform by Robert Abela after getting elected was an attempt to crush the press with a military committee, a new law which guarantees the right to privacy, and the recognition of SLAPP cases in Malta’s courts. Moreover. The Labour Party is also waging targeted and direct attacks against several individuals, including myself, which I will be elaborating on further in a different post. They are very happy to see us flee the country and force most of us out, as the Executive Chairman of the National Book Council once said. The latest investigative journalist to leave the islands is Ivan Martin.

Malta is slowly turning into an authoritarian state and all the features of a dictatorship are there. It will only get worse.

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