Malta’s greatest export

Who would have thought that the face of a Maltese politician would be plastered on a billboard in a foreign country in a show of gratitude and respect? There are many good reasons why Roberta Metsola is being praised in Ukraine. Metsola was one of the first top European politicians to visit Kyiv after Russia invaded Ukraine and Metsola’s support for Ukraine has been relentless,

For many Maltese Metsola brings some hope and a feeling of normality in a political environment stifled by Labour’s corruption, conspiracies, and rent-seeking. Most importantly, Metsola serves as a sign that decent people can actually be leaders as opposed to having a government hell-bent on squandering the nation in a desperate struggle for financial survival. Just picture and compare the differences. One year into her role, Metsola has garnered praise and international respect, while on the other hand, our Prime Minister’s reputation is marked by a war against the press and a total cover-up of corrupt politicians exposed by a murdered journalist.

You can avoid the press and refuse to answer questions but you can’t avoid history. The gap between Robert Abela and the leaders that we could have is unbridgeable.

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