No expertise, just ego

So, the ex-judge Giovanni Bonnello has made a statement against the government’s legal abortion amendment saying that no woman has ever been prosecuted in Malta for a life-saving abortion and therefore the government’s amendment does not make any sense. People like lauding him as a sort of expert, but I fail to see any expertise in this egomaniac, delusional son of a fascist-twit. He comes from the petty-bourgeois class of lawyers and “professional-elite” at a time when people were illiterate and poor. Nowadays, he like many others is struggling to hold on to their fading status.

He is lying about prosecutions on abortions and the impact of the old law is also materially harmful to women. I remember a very recent case myself when I was in Joe Mifsud’s courtroom and he ordered a woman to be investigated over allegations by her husband that she had an abortion abroad whilst undergoing separation or divorce proceedings. Most probably nothing came out of the investigation due to the inability of the police to actually investigate such matters. Giovanni Bonnello is a liar and he is no expert. Just another one of those pretentious imbeciles who see their importance and status fading away as people become more educated.

Here he is in a vanity photo opportunity donating some old postcards to the government. Kemm hu good boy. Pathetic.


  1. Mark, I had great respect for you and your historical insight but you just lost me with this post. Giovanni Bonello is one of Malta’s giant legal minds and also great researcher and uncovered many fascinating insights into the knights in Malta. Not sure what benefit there is in attacking viciously gentleman like him. How many old postcards have you ever given heritage Malta?

    • I actually donated my personal archive to the National Archives which incldued a huge collection of photos and primary sources on Malta’s left-wing and anarchist groups of the 1980s and 1990s. I didn’t call the press.

      Giovanni Bonnello’s work on history is abysmal, full of mistakes and lot of it is plagiarised from other sources. He is also not a historian but jhus ta dilettante writing in the Times of Malta.

  2. True he may be what you call ‘a dilettante’ but he is such great fun to read and taking up so many different characters from the national archives. His ‘Times’ articles have been collected in a series of books which are a real treasure. I see others trying to imitate him, rather than the other way round. He has also published on various collections he owns such as a beautiful book on Geo Furst.
    Well done on giving your photos to the national archives and you should have called the Press. The left leaning Media should probably have been interested, not sure about that on the right.

  3. A bit too harsh a comment Mark ‼️
    I admire your posts but this was a bit too scathing considering Judge Bonello’s reputation locally and internationally.

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