The Labour Party is not a victim

The CEO of the Labour Party, Randolp Debattista (also an MP) was all over the news today after publicly sharing an anonymous letter that he received filled with inappropriate insults. Apparently, Rebecca Buttiġieġ an MP and Cyrus Enger, an MEP and also Randolph’s partner also received anonymous letters. The person who sent the letter was angry at Labour for introducing the new legal amendments to Malta’s restrictive abortion law. Randolph posted the letter online and all his friends and colleagues ganged around him shouting “solidarity” and Vive La Revolution.

The Labour Party is not a victim and Randolph and his friends are not in any danger or under any threat. I assume that many of these people sending these anonymous letters, who probably are also the same people making threats online to abortion activists (not to be confused with Labour MPs) are the kind of men that have a pharmacy at home and would have a cardiac arrest if tentatively attempted to make a physical effort. This pathetic theatre doesn’t reflect the serious realities in our society, such as that the Labour Party is at war with the press. Randolph himself cheered to the chants of “Kapuljat” at Daphne’s murder. They are anything but victims.

The press receives abuse and threats on a daily basis. I even have a strange coterie of insane Labour Party fans who love me and would like to see me dead at the same time while sending me threatening comments on every blog post. You don’t hear journalists complain about the threats they receive because by now the collapse of rule of law has become normalised and Labour is enjoying every moment of it.

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