Some dynamics of the one-party state

Here are some facts which have emerged from my constitutional case against my successor at the National Book Council. The facts have emerged in the testimony given by National Book Council’s book critic, Mark Vella. The case is about the Book Council’s refusal to review my book, “A Rent Seeker’s Paradise”, on political grounds, and mainly I’m fighting the case on principle. I had built an autonomous public entity that protects the interests of writers and publishers however, with my dishonorable discharge from the entity, the entity has lost most of its autonomy from the party in government.

The state advocate representing the National Book Council is James D’Agostino who spent most of his career working for Emmanuel Mallia. Emmanuel Mallia also happens to be one of the politicians featured in my book. James D’Agostino also implied during the proceedings that the book may have offended Rosianne Cutajar and Joseph Muscat. Previously, D’Agostino also worked for Tumas Group and Ian Refalo a Labour switcher trusted by Muscat who was also awarded plenty of public cotnracts. .

You can read the full testimony here.










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