The myth of Russian indispensability

The reminiscences of Europe’s Dark Ages keep coming back as Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz capitulate to Europe’s aggressor compromising in the process its security and defence. Abroad, the consequences of Scholz and Macron are that Russia keeps waging its war on Ukraine with impunity while other authoritarian regimes, especially those that have nuclear weapons are emboldened and incentivised to follow Russia’s example. Rarely, if ever has Europe compromised its security and the future of the world out of the incompetence and cowardice of its leaders.

Scholz keeps believing in his delusion that talking nice to Putin would eventually stop the war while Macron keeps repeating his refrain of “security guarantees for Russia” which is positively promoted in Russian propaganda. Macron’s bizarre capitulation has been rejected by Russia’s European neighbors who are obviously, best positioned to understand what kind of security arrangements Europe needs vis-a-vis Russia. Both Macron and Scholz are promoting the false truth that Europe can not thrive without economic engagement with Russia. In reality, this argument doesn’t even stand for China let alone for Russia which is a fake power and soon to be a failed state.

The European center-right seems to be getting it ever more right on Ukraine by pushing for more military aid to Ukraine which is the logical conclusion for any solution to end the war quicker. Bar some exceptions like Finnish Prime Minister Sannah Marin, who is the leader of a country neighboring Russia, understands Russia better than the French, the European socialists have so far failed to understand the importance and the priority of a Ukrainian victory not just for Ukrainians, but for all of Europe and the whole world. And the failure of the left to understand the importance of the war in Ukraine will go down in history as one of the biggest geopolitical mistakes European has done throughout its history.

The illogical positions coming out from France and Germany are the result of misunderstanding Russia as a state and any other authoritarian state for that reason. This is not surprising given that both Scholz and Macron have never experienced authoritarianism in their life as they both seem to think that Russia can and would eventually play by the rule book of international law and order. Yet, Russia is an authoritarian state and does not respect rule-of-law. Not only that, but Russia’s state machinery is literally a thuggish monarchy whose power is based on fear and terror. The international behaviour of a brutal and violent dictator is what it is and shouldn’t be a smokescreen out of fear of reprisal. Europe is literally being bullied by a murderous gangster and Scholz and Macron are accepting of this.

There can be no security arrangements with Russia because it will adhere to none and does not intend to. Russia itself is telling us over and over again that if it had the power, it will bomb Europe and drive its tanks to Berlin – yet, the reason why Russia is unable to do this is because it’s armed forces have been decimated by a smaller army supplied with surplus and outdated NATO weaponry. The Russians are telling you this in your face and how clearer can they be when they have repeatedly done the same thing whenever they could just like when they invaded Georgia and also when they invaded Crimea: every time Russia acted with impunity, it escalated its actions later on. And as long as Russia has the capability, it will invade other countries and act as the imperialist that it is. There is no abstraction in this.

Russia is not indispensable to Europe’s security – it’s a clear and explicit threat and it’s the last standing empire of old Europe. Its defeat is an anti-imperialist call.

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