A party of rent-seekers for rent-seekers

By now, the Labour Party has no shame or pretensions that it’s governing for its donors and allies and not in the common interest. The decimation and abuse of our communities by rampant and unregulated activity goes on unabated and as always happens in these cases, the Labour Party and the government is on the side of those committing the abuse.

This is Charlon Gouder, a paid lobbyist, Labour Party propagandist and Joseph Muscat’s lawyer of Azzopardi Fisheries defending Azzopardi’s investment in a tuna-processing plant in Ħal Far which is producing an irritable stench affecting residents in the vicinity. Other paid Labour Party lobbyists of the tuna industry include Ramona Attard who is the President of the Labour Party and Alice Bugeja Said, Minister for Animals and Fisheries. Birżebbuġia residents have been holdings protests and meetings against the plant of Aqua Culture Industries run by a consortium of Maltese investors including Fish and Fish, Azoppardi’s Fisheries and Elbros, yet no Labour MP or Minister from the district has yet pronounced their position or attended any of these events.

Green Party candidate, Sandra Gauci has been following this issue closely and has been reporting about it regularly.

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