We’re against corruption, but not when it happens in Malta

The Maltese social-democrat MEPs have all voted in the European Parliament to oust  Eva Kaili as vice-president of the European Parliament. Josianne Cutajar has even made some statements on her position against corruption. Their behavior is totally contrary to what Labour politicians and themselves did in Malta when corruption allegations came up on Labour ministers.

Until this day, Josianne is still a fan of Corrupt Man of the Year of 2019, Joseph Muscat. Josianne Cutajar herself was employed as one of Keith Schembri’s staff at the OPM who also helped organise her campaign for the European Parliament. Her campaign was also aided by a notable Labour Party donor and regular recipient of direct orders, TEC.

But now it’s different because Joseph Muscat is no longer in the office and they have all changed their perceptions and way of life.

I don’t think so.

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