This total imbecile doesn’t understand how the European Parliament works

For those who don’t know this total imbecile, this is Jason Micallef. He was Alfred Sant’s choice for general secretary of the Labour Party, a genius move that helped destroy the party for many years and keep it in Opposition. After wrecking the Party with his total idiocy, Joseph Muscat sent Jason Micallef to ONE where he nearly bankrupted the institution and laid its finances to waste. Meanwhile, he was given plum jobs by the government as chairman of various Valletta-culture-entities. He is also the man responsible for the horrible plants blocking the way in front of Parliament.

Jason Micallef is using Eva Kaili‘s case as a rhetorical example of how Joseph Muscat had nothing to do with the corruption enacted by his ministers and best friend, Keith Schembri. Only that the total imbecile doesn’t understand that the VPs of the European Parliament are not chosen by the President apart from the fact that none of them have any executive functions in the EU. And to close this story with a very simple fact, Eva Kaili was caught soon after her corrupt act, and the authorities and the political bodies acted swiftly against her without any compromises. Quite a different story when the leader and his Party defend the corrupt officials around him.

In any case, this may very well be my last mention Jason on my website. The curtain on his unproductive and totally useless career is closing as he has been forced to resign from his chairmanship of ONE. I think he will also have to resign from the city’s cultural body and will eventually remain just a chief of a park which was built by the Nationalist Party where he is going to do what supposedly he knows what to do best: gardening, cutting grass and watering plants.

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