The gross spectacle of watching him “lead” the country

There is no bottom in sight for our international reputation under Robert Abela’s premiership, and as long as he remains in power, Malta’s reputation will only ebb lower. Even on an issue in which Europeans are in common agreement, Robert Abela distinguishes himself with an alternative view showing off his genius. On the European Parliament scandal where its vice-president, Eva Kaili was found out to have received bags of cash from Qatari government officials in underhanded lobbying for the World Cup, Robert Abela has come out with a supposedly “reasonable position”. Abela says that EUPP Roberta Metsola, has acted too swiftly with her anti-corruption discourse and she risks hurting Europe’s deals with Qatar on gas.

Apparently, Robert Abela thinks that the Qataris have sold gas to the Europeans on the condition that the Europeans agreed to hold the World Cup in Qatar, yet the total imbecile doesn’t even realise that his discourse with this implication, in fact, insults the Qataris to a great extent. Even if the Qataris would have made such a deal, hypothetically, it would have been greatly offensive to them to call this out in public, so Robert’s statements defeat their purpose in any plausible scenario. He’s totally unfit for purpose and a total imbecile.

Of course, we the Maltese know why Robert made such a statement. The Labour Party is genuinely afraid of Roberta Metsola coming to Malta and leading the Opposition against the government. Robert wants to try and blame any negative economic repercussions of the EU’s foreign policies on Roberta Metsola to score local political points. He doesn’t realise, though, that by doing so, he is speaking to his small little audience of semi-literates who watch ONE as gospel, and in turn is alienating everyone else who can read the press. There has been absolutely no one who has criticised Roberta Metsola for his discourse against corruption, except for the genius Robert Abela. What a totally dumb thing to do, to bring up the issue of “energy security” to criticize your political rivals on their correct handling of corruption.

Labour is so afraid and insecure about Roberta Metsola that whenever I mention her here, I receive a multitude of insults and threats by Labour trolls in the comments – which I don’t usually publish. Consciously they want to believe that Metsola will never come to Malta to lead the Opposition since her international career has made her too big for local politics, only that they fail to realise, due to the village-perception that they have, that becoming a Prime Minister of an EU country gives you a seat at the EU Council where one can influence international affairs. Of course, Labour won’t arrive at this conclusion because, in EU summits, most of the time, the Prime Minister and his ministers are considered as personas non grata: the new Mediterranean Orbanites. On the other hand, Roberta Metsola would shame Labour by retrieving our international reputation and once again make us a country which could influence European affairs. The Labour Party is terrified of the success of an alternative government because that would potentially lead to a severe prolonged blow to it. By staying in power, the unemployable imbeciles, are fighting for their lives.

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