Tajba Ġaħan

Malta came last in the Junior Eurovision Song contest. Don’t misinterpret this post as criticism of the child who has been humiliated by the Maltese producers. In my novel ĠAĦAN L-AQWA ŻMIEN, I use Eurovision as a symbol for the failure of the Maltese to be aware of their problems and their deficiencies. The Maltese often pride themselves on overzealous and overconfident zeal with an air of superiority which is actually just a projection of insecurity. Such is for example, the Maltese attitude to Eurovision and their delusion that they never win because the contest is corrupt when in reality our productions are most often total crap.

Malta is totally deficient in many aspects and standards are low. Our government lowers standards even more often intentionally out of self-serving interest. Most of us are fat, horrible in sports, and everything else. We are lazy and corrupt and we expect the government to pamper us. Sure, these are generalisations and stereotypes but they most often than not reflect bigger truths.

Just to give you a comparison. The Bahamas which is a similar country to ours in geography, economy, history, and population, has won 8 Olympic Gold medals in its history. Guess how many gold medals we’ve got?

A big fat 0.

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