This is not the European leadership we need

During a time of severe energy crisis, Europe could not afford to experiment with its energy supplies and infrastructure, yet that is what Emmanuel Macron did with a new hydrogen pipeline between Spain and France. Spain has gas pipelines coming from Algeria which can be further connected with the rest of Europe. However, Macron refused to import gas from Spain in a tit-for-tat after Germany and the EU Commission refused France’s request to designate nuclear energy in the same category of low-carbon energy sources.

Germany and the EU Commission are wrong to shun nuclear power but France’s rejection of gas imports is equally reckless and irresponsible. Macron can’t pretend to be the bigger man if he opts to act in this infantile manner. Sourcing energy from hydrogen is still something very experimental which needs more investment and work to create its infrastructure and deliver it when compared to natural gas. Building gas pipelines and improving our gas infrastructure would not have exclude Macron from continuing to lobby for nuclear with the EU Commission. This is ridiculous infantile behaviour.

Macron also has this irrational opposition to natural gas because Europe imports lots of it from the US. He has this ridiculous and pretentious dream of taking an international posture of European independence from the USA, something which he also does for domestic politics. The problem with this exhibitionist theatre is contradictory to what France actually does: that is importing all of its nuclear material from abroad with the USA being the biggest growing supplier of France of uranium.

This guy is totally nuts.

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