Jungle rules and the perspective of Labour’s top brass

Labour’s top brass are confident that Labour will stay in power for many years due to a fractured opposition. Their future vision of political affairs is based on immediate facts namely that the Nationalist Party is in meltdown and the liberal forces are yet not united to pose an electoral challenge to the Labour Party. Robert Abela is confident he can do another two terms in government with ease doing the same thing he is doing today, by paying his economic management with debt and keeping everything the same.

The shared feeling of success by Labour top brass is that today, contrary to the days of Joseph Muscat, there is no widespread corruption and conspiracy going on at the OPM, and for this reason, there are no major scandals which can come out and embarrass Robert Abela. This is enough for Labour to provide them with an assurance that the Party will remain in power for the years to come.

There are many problems with this perspective and one of them is the failure to recognise the institutional malaise and the collapse of rule of law which had enabled Joseph Muscat’s conspiracies in the first place. Robert Abela doesn’t intend to address this malaise, on the contrary, he even exploited this malaise to promote an authoritarian press reform with the pretence to help the press.

The point of departure of the collapse of our institutions precedes Joseph Muscat but the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia had created a civil movement in our society to push back against the collapse of rule-of-law and rebuild our society. Now, back to the perspective of Labour’s top brass. They don’t perceive there is a collapse of rule of law and if they do, they perceive it as an issue which is of concern only to a small section of society that is adamant to see full justice for Daphne However, the reality on the ground is that rampant corruption and rent-seeking is literally making victims on a regular basis.

The inefficiency of our justice institutions, intended and forced by the government so as to allow the extensive cover-ups of past crimes by Joseph Muscat and his friends, is a direct threat and danger to society which causes great injustice to many especially to those who lack resources. Jean-Paul Sofia’s death could have been avoided if our institutions worked efficiently enough to prevent corrupt bureaucratic officials from doing whatever they want with impunity. Yet, no one will be blamed. No one will take responsibility and potential prosecutions will be once again marred with gross injustices brought by how the system works. The slimy contractor who caused the death of Miriam Pace in her own home has netted a total of €1 million in government orders following her death. What’s happening in Malta right now under this government is extremely obscene. The Labour Party has become so corrupt and empty of values and principles that the value of life is being reduced to 0 – and no this is not a comment about abortion, for God’s sake.

Labour is not incentivised to change the legal and enforcement regime over our construction industry because it is this same industry which sustains it. All that Labour needs to do to sustain its electoral momentum from the perspective of Labour’s top brass is to appease enough special-interest groups whilst keeping the economy at sustainable levels. The problem, once again, here is that the collateral of human lives and our living standards are not being factored in.

In reality, nothing is being factored in by Labour’s top brass apart from the reality which so far has seemed comfortable for them. The standards of government have probably never been lower because at least Muscat kept some pretensions with regard to standards. The current government is claiming victory on standards on the mere fact that Robert Abela is not involved in any major corrupt conspiracies.

Going slightly further from the perspective of Labour’s top brass, we end up with a social fabric which is under threat. Labour’s complacency in governing and its refusal to actually do something selfless that benefits the country is seen in the exodus of its young generations most of them rejected by the property market and disillusioned by the deteriorating state of our environment and the quality of life. Yet, the exodus of the youth is just the tip of the iceberg where underneath you can find the many victims of a society run by jungle rules.

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