Russia has crossed red lines and Europe should act accordingly

There is one pertinent and consistent point that should be brought up when Scholz comes up with the proposal for normnalisation of ties with Russia if it opts to stop its war in Ukraine, not to mention Macron’s ridiculous garbage for “security guarantees” to Russia.

Russia has crossed red lines by threatening the premeditated use of nuclear weapons in its invasion of Ukraine, and despite its retractions and obfuscation on this potential act, it should be considered a direct nuclear threat, nonetheless. Even the mere fact that Russia is leaving the option of a nuclear attack to ambiguity in a puerile attempt to keep Europe on tenterhooks, should be considered equivalent to a direct nuclear threat. Therefore, Russia should be forced to denuclearise and give up its nuclear arsenal otherwise Europe would have allowed Russia to make nuclear threats with no consequences at all. There is of course the risk that Russia, after all, can make these threats again in the future while other nuclear-armed dictators would be incentivised to do the same. And then there is also the risk that Russia actually does use a nuclear weapon.

Russia has been the only nuclear power that so far has made threats to use nuclear weapons in a premeditated way and this should not be tolerated unless we intend to increasingly give up our security guarantees. Anything less than Russian denuclearisation is a compromise to our European security.

Luckily, for now, Europe’s guarantor for security is neither the total imbecile Macron nor the reluctant old lawyer Olaf Scholz,. Europe’s main security guarantor is the USA as Finnish Prime Minister Sannah Marin also admitted recently. I would speculate that without the US, Scholz and Macron would have been banqueting with Putin right now while the Russian hordes massacre Ukrainians with impunity.

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