A total farce of a party

One of Robert Abela’s unintended consequences of purging the Labour Party of his critics is that he can’t pass basic progressive legislation on civil liberties without him and his Party being scared witless of the mob of religious fanatics hanging creepy banners of babies in front of Castile.

Most of the ministers and MPs in the Labour Party are incredibly reluctant to have the abortion legislation passed as most of them, including Robert Abela himself, never planned to be involved in this issue in the first place apart from the fact that it isn’t even in the Party’s electoral manifesto. I used to remember a time when the Labour Party used to come out in force not only to campaign for its civil liberties legislation but even to flaunt it proudly, yet now, they don’t even want to be remotely associated with it. This is what you get when the leader of the Party and most of his MPs around him are in politics because they couldn’t find any other way to get richer. Not only do they don’t want to be seen as being associated with this law. They are even making efforts to curry favour with the pro-life lobby by supporting their irregular activities and even giving them public funds.

When I remember how all of this started, just by a single cabinet minister taking the initiative and doing the right thing at the opportune moment, I get to understand why Robert Abela doesn’t want anyone of substance around him. Robert prefers to play it “safe” but being Prime Minister is not a game and Robert is experiencing what Mike Tyson would say “everyone has a plan until reality punches you in the face”.

In addition, here’s a gentle reminder of when the Labour Party tried to bury abortion legislation reform after it was proposed by Marlene Farrugia.

What a total farce of a party.

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