Leaderless leadership

Miriam Dalli doesn’t deny she wants to become the leader of the Labour Party as she is bestowed with praise by her pseudojournalistic host. All the grifters in a town like Andrew Azzopardi are happily cheering for a conspiratorial plan in a hypocritical exhibition of feminist virtue-signaling, that is the plan to install just another friend and close ally of Joseph Muscat as leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister under the pretense of electing the first female Prime Minister in history. Yes to Miriam Dalli, but no to abortion the host would tell you.

Miriam Dalli owes her local political career and her ascent to the ministry of energy to Joseph Muscat’s and Robert Abela’s conspiracies and cover-up of corruption and if she becomes Prime Minister, she won’t unleash some of the sorts of hidden skills, ideas, and plans which had previously been hidden from her allies. She is going to be more of the same and progressively worse.

Robert Abela is aware that he would eventually have to pass the baton to someone else but he also intends to stay in power as long as possible. First, however, Abela needed to purge his critics and his rivals from the Party to have free reign and total control. All along he has also been trying to push Chris Fearne out of the cabinet, initially planning to replace him with Charmaine Gauci, but so far has failed to find the opportunity to remove him. Miriam Dalli fits perfectly well with the plan of keeping continuity in the Labour Party by conserving the rent-seeking regime and the cover-up for serious crimes of corruption and conspiracy of Joseph Muscat and his friends. The Labour Party would retain its close alliance with the construction industry and retain its lifeline of donations while Joseph Muscat and his friends are given the necessary protections. There will be no justice for Daphne. The Labour Party will continue its war against the press and will struggle to increase its hegemony over the information industry.

Miriam Dalli is as vacuous and shallow as they come. The previous Super ONE propagandist hasn’t even featured in the latest debate on abortion, yet she is positioned in a fraudulent manner as a feminist or someone who supports women’s rights by the mere fact that she is a woman. The simple reason why she has been chosen to head the energy ministry is to make sure that no controversies from the past are resurfaced which can deal reputational blows to the Labour Party: mainly Electrogas and the deal with Shanghai Electric. In fact, Miriam’s top priority at the energy ministry has been to ensure that everything is kept secret. Meanwhile, Enemalta is bankrupt and Miriam Dalli’s vision is to greenwash her career with fraudulent projects handed over to Labour Party donors. There are also no surprises and coincidences tother fact that currently, one of Miriam Dalli’s allies in the Labour Party is Kurt Farruguia, the previous chief of communications of Joseph Muscat himself.

So, what kind of leadership would Miriam Dalli bring forward? What vision does she have? If you are looking too hard it’s probably because there is none. Miriam Dalli’s ascent to power is a future project which Robert Abela and Joseph Muscat see necessary for their survival and their continued operations in local politics and has got nothing to do with progressive values or a progressive vision for the country. It’s just the continuation of the rent-seeking regime.

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