How did Robert Abela get in touch with Russian oligarchs in the first place?

Robert Abela was never a businessman or an entrepreneur. He inherited the public contracts from his father which he extracted more value from them under Joseph Muscat’s administration. He is the last person on earth whom I would trust to run a grocery shop and has literally 0 business experience except for raking in corrupt government contracts.

So, given that Robert Abela rented out his villa to Russian oligarchs, particularly even to an oligarch who paid a bribe to get his passport, how did Robert Abela get in touch with these oligarchs? It’s not as if this oligarch looked at the letting website and chose Robert Abela’s villa. Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri had direct links with the Russian passport applicants and Robert Abela benefited from these direct links.

In today’s context, such illicit links by European politicians with Russian oligarchs are being revisited. Just recently, Dutch politician and previous Foreign Minister Rene van der Linden has been outed by the security services as a Kremlin pawn. We can never be certain as to what extent the past and illicit relationships between Robert Abela and Keith Schembri with Russian oligarchs are today influencing Robert Abela’s foreign policy, unless he is fully investigated.

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