The financial crimes authorities are collapsing

The resignation of Alexandra Mamo as head of the police’s financial crimes unit is in operational terms a huge blow to the police and the authorities specialising in financial crime. Mamo was also the first deputy commissioner of the police. Given the long string of resignations from the financial crimes unit, there is probably something seriously wrong that all these officers know but have yet to reveal publicly. Alexandra Mamo was also the police officer in charge of taking Keith Schembri, Adrian Hillman, and Brian Tonna to court over their corrupt Allied Press deal.

Alexandra Mamo’s resignation has followed the resignation of Anthony Scerri, the officer handling an investigation on the kickbacks received by Joseph Muscat after resigning from Prime Minister. There was also the resignation of Frank Anthony Tabone who ended up working with Arthur Azzopardi whom he had previously investigated. A top financial crimes prosecutor has also died in mysterious consequences but the police had excluded any foul play. There are also other reports which claim that there have been many more resignations from the police’s financial crimes department.

The police and the attorney-general are being accused of covering-up Pilatus Bank officials and politicians and refusing to prosecute them despite enough evidence to do so. One can have many theories about the state of the police and what is going on but there is one thing for sure – all of this chaos is of great benefit to those who have committed financial crimes, especially those that are related to Daphne’s murder. Meanwhile, this interview with police veteran Mary Muscat may give some context.

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