Here’s an example of government propaganda with public funds

As part of its strategy to have complete hegemony in the information of media sphere, the government is funding various pseudo-independent media outlets with public money which are nothing more than propaganda outlets run by Labour supporters and members. Most of this work is coordinated by the Prime Minister’s chief propagandist Aleander Balzan at the Office of the Prime Minister who also foresees the government budget for media adverts. is one of these outlets and is currently conducting a propaganda campaign in favor of the government’s budget. They are also using Lovin Malta as their partner to further cover up the fact that they are a propaganda outlet and not independent media.

Their script is targeted and well-placed. Since Labour is losing the youth vote and with many of them wanting to leave the islands for somewhere better, Labour is trying to attract them by waving the Marxist card.

Hilarious. I can’t imagine how pathetic the briefings on these shenanigans are when they take place at Castille. Imagine a group of ONE propagandists trying to come up with ways how to lure the youth while young people can’t afford homes and this is going on:

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