Consistent malignant incompetence is evidence of willful cover-up

Labour’s persistence in selling its false narrative is a bet on people’s exhaustion over corruption and the history of its mafia. Robert Abela thinks that by time, if he keeps harping about having made “huge” and “historic” legal reforms on rule of law, people will forget the widespread corrupt deals that Joseph Muscat and his government made, forget as well as Daphne’s murder and the country moves on with the same type of social, political and economic arrangement of before.

Not only will things remain the same as if nothing has ever happened, Labour will also strengthen the economic power and influence of local rent-seeking elites and will preserve its financial dependence on the construction lobby. Things will only get worse. Even the €700 million green fraud of Miriam Dalli, all taxpayers’ money will be going to Labour donors like the Żammit Tabonas.

It all boils down to Robert Abela’s village mentality. He has bet the unity of the party on his cover-up of Joseph Muscat and his friends. Robert Abela’s bid for Party leader and Prime Minister was made with this mindset: that Party rule would be restored and everything would remain the same.

The appointments made by the Labour government to institutions of law and order were made with this aim: to preserve the rent-seeking regime and cover up for Joseph Muscat and his friends. Robert Abela is lying when he says that the government made a significant reform on the selection process of the police commissioner because the choice still falls on the discretion of the government-appointed board at the end of the day, and we also know that Angelo Gafa was one of Joseph Muscat’s favorites, and that’s why he was appointed as police CEO by Muscat himself.

Every consistent action or inaction by the attorney-general, Victoria Buttigieg, and police commissioner, Angelo Gafa can be lined up in a series of events that resemble malign incompetence but is actually nothing less than a willful cover-up. How can someone be so stupid and immune to criticism? It’s a story about robot bureaucrats who can be replaced by automated bots written with a simple programming language but also a story about servility, expensive home mortgages, and the “don’t rock the boat to get promoted” mentality. Previous police inspector Mary Muscat described this situation really well when she explained that most of the police inaction on political crime stems from fears for their careers.

The attorney-general is in a different position than most police officers with regard to her career as she has already been promoted, but she knew that her reinstatement would have been made on the condition that she doesn’t rock the boat. No one needed to tell her this to be true. The very mere fact that her appointment came when Edward Zammit-Lewis was Justice Minister sent the same exact message clearly and explicitly. Żammit-Lewis was a useful tool of Muscat’s inner circle and he too received kickbacks in the form of gifts from Yorgen Fenech as he groveled and ingratiated with him for a job and money. And Victoria Buttigieg served the mafia really well, making blunder after blunder while refusing to prosecute politicians. At least that’s what Angelo Gafa is telling us, that prosecutions aren’t going forward because they don’t have her green light. Żammit-Lewis has been replaced by a vacuous Labour Party propagandist: the message remains the same.

Today the attorney-general along with the state advocate gave us another exhibition of outright incompetence. They said that they weren’t prosecuting Pilatus Bank officials because there are ongoing proceedings on the case by a foreign kangaroo court which Malta has no treaties with. There is really no limit to the shameless idiocy purported by the attorney-general in her putrid attempts at covering up. The state advocate is going along with this lunacy, and I am not surprised. I have personal and direct experience with Chris Soler’s gross incompetence. He was wrong before and he will be wrong again and most of the time.

And they are all wrong but quite right for the Labour Party. The police commissioner has seen resignations and made no significant prosecutions. The attorney-general who keeps covering up and distorting justice. And The state-advocate who has no idea what he is doing. NGO Repubblika is a civil necessity when considering the total lack of institutional failure and it is they who are currently leading the fight against the mafia and political crime, not our institutions.

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