An exercise in deception

The Prime Minister gave an interview to the Times of Malta – his first interview actually, with the independent press ever since becoming leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister.

During the interview, he looks agitated, stressed, and deeply uncomfortable and at one point in time blurts out his insecurity with having him compared to Joseph Muscat. “I insist I would like to propose my vision instead of speaking about Joseph Muscat” he says anxiously. He then goes on to lie about Malta’s economic growth, lies about his insider trading deal at the Planning Authority with the fraudster Christian Borg and blames the Nationalist governments of more than ten years ago for the current disaster we have in planning.

He’s a typical man-child who once he got what he wanted, realised that he doesn’t actually want it. He thought that becoming Prime Minister would have been an easy ride where he would cover up for Joseph Muscat and lead the country in peace while aggrandising himself. Then reality punched him in the face as Mike Tyson would have said.

He also distorts the narrative of his party’s corrupt relationship with the construction industry by taking out the scaremongering card and screaming “we can’t stop the construction industry which is a very important sector of the economy.” It’s 5% of the economy, actually, and no one is proposing a moratorium on construction. What is needed is a sensible planning policy and some common sense in contrast to the widespread chaos and rent-seeking as drawn by corrupt rent-seekers like Robert Musumeci. Nothing is going to change because the mere existence of the Labour Party depends on large donations from the construction lobby which in return expects a blank cheque on planning policies.

The absurdity of his thoughts would have been incredibly comical if he was not Prime Minister. He defends Joseph Muscat’s kickbacks and corrupt consultancy packages by bringing up the “revolving doors” narrative and uses his Justice Minister as an example, Jonathan Attard who went on from being a ONE propagandist living with his mother to a mega-government consultant raking in hundreds of thousands of Euros in public money every year. “Where would Jonathan Cardona go to work after he stops being Justice Minister?” I have the answer for that Robert and he can go back to doing what he used to do previously: simping for idiots like you.

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