Lectures on socialism

The Finance Minister, Clyde Caruana has taken to lecturing us about socialism after gracing the working class with Labour’s benevolent COLA increase. The grandstanding is impressive for a newcomer. It’s his first budget and the red flags have already been hoisted in South Street, only that Clyde mistakes giving out money to the poor for socialism.

Socialism is more about social mobility and eradicating poverty rather than giving money to the poor. Maybe, this is something that Clyde Caruana should consider instead of grandstanding us with his patronising lectures. Meanwhile, Project Greek Dubai is going as planned.

Let’s check a classic to refresh our basic socialism together, shall we?

“We have seen what significance, given socialism, the wealth of human needs acquires, and what significance, therefore, both a new mode of production and a new object of production obtain: a new manifestation of the forces of human nature and a new enrichment of human nature. Under private property their significance is reversed: every person speculates on creating a new need in another, so as to drive him to fresh sacrifice, to place him in a new dependence and to seduce him into a new mode of enjoyment and therefore economic ruin. Each tries to establish over the other an alien power, so as thereby to find satisfaction of his own selfish need. The increase in the quantity of objects is therefore accompanied by an extension of the realm of the alien powers to which man is subjected, and every new product represents a new potentiality of mutual swindling and mutual plundering. Man becomes ever poorer as man, his need for money becomes ever greater if he wants to master the hostile power. The power of his money declines in inverse proportion to the increase in the volume of production: that is, his neediness grows as the power of money increases.”

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