Are you still in doubt about Robert Abela’s totalitarian instincts?

On foreign policy, Robert Abela, who is turning our country into a dictatorship while pushing the Labour Party into the far-right, sounds exactly like Viktor Orban. There is no coincidence in this. Those who don’t respect rule of law at home will be unlikely to respect international rules-based order. This should also be said in the context that “peace” for these autocrats also means literal impunity for Russian war crimes.

Robert Abela’s government has been consistently in favour of appeasement to Russia and like Viktor Orban in Hungary, he enacted sanctions on Russia because he was forced to by Brussels and not because the government agreed to them. Robert Abela and his Foreign Minister, Evarist Bartolo, even wanted to keep selling passports to Russians until they were forced to stop the practice by the EU Commission.

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