An outstanding speech by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

In his annual state f the nation address, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made an outstanding speech on the great changes the world is going through and how they reflect on Germany. It’s an incredible speech that deeply contrasts with Emmanuel Macron’s annual speech to the French diplomats. The German President’s speech is remarkable as it is a testament to the fast-changing political and economic perspectives in Europe despite resistance from the socialists and the greens in Germany and France. The German President also says:

I know that many people in our country long for peace. Some believe that there is a lack of serious efforts on our part, a lack of willingness to negotiate. I can assure you that nobody in their right mind lacks the will. But the truth is that, in the face of evil, good will is not enough.

Because Russia’s brutal attacks over the last eight months are nothing other than that – despicable and cynical, lacking regard for human life. A supposed peace that rewards acts like this, a peace that seals Putin’s land grabs, is no peace. It would mean a rule of terror for many people in Ukraine, would leave them at the mercy of their Russian occupiers’ arbitrary violence. Worse yet – a sham peace like this would only increase Putin’s hunger. Moldavia and Georgia, as well as our NATO partners in the Baltic, live in fear.

Full speech here.


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