Can she get even more ridiculous with her frauds?

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

This is Energy Minister Dalli announcing that €10m of public funds will kickstart “private investment” into the greening of Malta.

Can she get even more ridiculous with all her frauds? Most of this money is going to the usual contractors who will build stuff like this. The Żammit Tabonas who fund the Labour Party with €100,000 every year have even set up a company and just entered the “green landscaping” industry just in time to tap some of the €700 million in promised government funds. It’s incredible how the solution to make Malta greener involves giving money to the same people who keep ruining the country by making it less green in the first place. Meanwhile, in fundamental terms, nothing is changing because planning policies will remain the same.

Miriam Dalli’s Energy Ministry is slowly developing into a laundromat of corruption and money laundering. So, not only Enemalta is bankrupt, and we are losing hundreds of millions of Euros every year on our gas purchases while Electrogas and Shanghai Electric make a profit, but Miriam Dalli will now burn more public funds by launching her green fraud.

Miriam Dalli is a horribly incompetent Minister responsible for the most important ministry in the most critical times of our recent history.

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