Guess who wanted to become a freemason?

Recently, a police officer was suspended from the Force and charged with rape and sexual abuse of a victim who sought the help of the police.

Glenn Carabott, the police officer in question, was encouraged to join a freemasonry lodge under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Malta by Benny Muscat, owner of La Buona Trattoria del Nonno.

Glenn Carabott was refused membership into the lodge after a secret vote took place through the traditional casting of marbles – black marble is a no while white marble is a yes.

Apparently, Glenn got many many black marbles and Benny Muscat’s referral was rejected.

There are various kinds of freemasonry lodges in Malta. The public ones like the Grand Lodge of Malta and the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malt have public registers and are mostly clubs of opportunistic rent-seekers (all men) who seek careers, money, and status from each other. Then there are the more conspiratorial lodges that are closed and secret such as the one to which Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was a member before he was suspended from it. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Karl Stagno Navarro were members of a secret lodge before they were suspended for being politically exposed persons under Joseph Muscat’s administration. Naturally, Benny Muscat wanted Glenn Carabott to be part of their lodge so as to have someone from the police corps who can be of service to the freemasons.


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