Mummy’s boy is angry because journalists make money

Franco Debono

Did you hear Franco Debono journalists? You aren’t allowed to make money in this society by providing information and knowledge. The only honourable way to make money is by defending murderers, rapists, and drug dealers in court. You are also expected to remain poor all your lives and you aren’t allowed to become rich.

Get it?


  1. Franco Debono is socjalist laburist!

    Anke tghida tad-dahq.

    Bhal JPO is socjalist laburist!

    Vampiri tas-socjeta

  2. Another way make money is to have a senior lawyer (Marion Camilleri) in your (Franco Debono’s) legal office defending Yorgen Fenech while you (Franco Debono) are busy lobbying (with journalists, activists and politicians) for Fenech to be given a Presidential pardon.

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