Robert Abela and Miriam Dalli should disclose to the public their gas trade

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

We are going through some of our most challenging times economically when at the same time the levels of government incompetence and nepotism are at the highest they have ever been, even in critical sectors. Because of corruption and incompetence, the Maltese government is also keeping secret its energy policy, but we do know that Enemalta is taking huge losses and is kept alive by government subsidies.

What Miriam Dalli revealed in April was that the government had purchased gas on a long-term contract, unhedged, with the market price indexed against Brent Crude, which if true, then the trade is already in the red against US Natgas futures and probably soon in the red with the Dutch Gas price. If this trade goes wrong, Malta could lose hundreds of millions of Euros every year and the public deserves to know what the government is doing.

Robert Abela, so far has gone to EU summits on energy speaking like a ONE journalist. He has never disclosed what Malta’s position is on current energy discussions such as gas capping, although the government did come out against Russian oil sanctions. The gas capping issue and the European gas pricing model which is being debated at EU summits are of great interest to Malta and the government should supposedly have a very detailed position on these subjects which reflect its own domestic policy and interests. Yet, we know nothing of what is being done by our government and Robert Abela uses EU summits for political propaganda back home instead of acting and doing the things a proper statesman would do.

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