Please show solidarity with us. We are sending migrant boats back to where they came from

The architects of Malta’s foreign policy seem to have found an excellent formula to tarnish Malta’s reputation and make us look like fools. Last week, at the PES congress, Robert Abela called on Ukraine to sign a peace agreement with Russia and asked for more solidarity with Malta on immigrant arrivals.

Meanwhile, Malta keeps sending immigrants back or refusing to save them.

Malta’s foreign policy is a cocktail mix of idiocy and corruption in the backdrop of a confusing domestic policy on foreign workers. For what are we expecting to get solidarity if we aren’t accepting immigrant arrivals in the first place? Our Prime Minister is making us look like opportunistic imbeciles as we refuse to be in solidarity with Ukraine like most of Europe is while we ask for solidarity on illegal immigrant arrivals when we have none. I have no doubt that there are diplomats who tell these things to our politicians but I am also sure that our politicians, don’t care, and have no idea what they are doing.

As I remarked several times on this website, our disastrous foreign policy will come to haunt us for the years to come and it will take us many years to repair our international reputation and build alliances. We have never been so bereft of friends and alliances during our independent history and Robert Abela hasn’t even had a significant host for a state visit in Malta yet, except for the Libyan Prime Minister who came to Malta and made several demands, such as handing over Ghaddafi’s money from Bank of Valletta to the Libyan government; requests which Robert Abela also refused to disclose.


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