They have absolutely no idea. Bażużliżmu biss.

So, after wrecking the National Book Council, losing more than €500,000 in funds and squandering another €200,000 in foreign guests, the members of the National Book Council write articles in the press asking the Finance Minister to help them with funds to help the book industry which has been crippled by inflationary costs.

Note, that the Times of Malta doesn’t even mention that Aleks Farrugia is a member of the National Book Council and also a government executive with the Ministry of Education. In any case, it doesn’t matter as this is not surprising given that the Times happily accepts Labour propaganda under the pretence of punditry in the context of the tacit agreement with the government that it receives advertisements.

We have a perfect Maltese word to describe grossly incompetent government directors and executives: it’s “bażużli”.

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