They are all on the same script

Ramona Attard

Labour Party President and tuna-industry lobbyist Ramona Attard, was on Saviour Balzan’s programme on TVM. Saviour doesn’t tell his audience that she is a tuna-industry lobbyist because his programme on the state broadcaster is allowed as long as the Labour Party gets a good gig out of it. Kind of like Lou Bondi under a Nationalist government, but with much worse journalistic content if non-existent.

Basically, she retorted the same script as told by Robert Abela. She said that justice for Daphne was being done because the trigger-men have been convicted and the conviction is also a result of Robert Abela’s reforms on rule-of-law. She also added that she stands with the police commissioner’s statement that all suspects involved in Daphne’s murder have been arraigned and denied that the Office of the Prime Minister of Joseph Muscat had anything to do with the cover-up of Daphne’s murder. She also denied that the Labour Party ever propagated any lies about Daphne such as the lie which was extensively propagated by the Labur Party that Daphne wanted the children of Labour supporters to die by cancer.

The process which led to this script is very typical of Robert Abela’s totalitarian thinking and method. His spin doctor, namely Aleander Balzan would generally draft a script, have it approved by the Prime Minister and then circulated it to the Parliamentary Group and the Party’s propaganda arm. This means that there wasn’t even any discussion inside the Labour Party about Daphne’s murder and the events of 2019 – everything is consistently made to cover up the history and those involved in it and move on. Ministers and MPs are under strict instructions not to give unilateral statements to the press which have not been approved by the OPM, so basically, Labour Party politicians aren’t allowed to speak and or discuss Daphne unless they parrot the script given to them by the OPM.

The political case on Daphne’s murder has been closed according to Robert Abela and we should move on with our current rent-seeking regime living alongside the politicians and the police officers who conspired against her and protected her murderers.

It is terrifying to see the Labour Party turning into a gross monster which buries a martyred journalist into the dustbin of history given that traditionally, and historically, the Labour Party has always been the Party of writers and intellectuals in Maltese history. Today, the Labour Party views intellectuals, journalists and writers as its worst enemies. We are so dangerous to the Labour Party that the first thing that Robert Abela has done after getting elected into office is to attempt to muzzle us with a totalitarian law.

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