Just in case you have doubts about Malta’s slide to totalitarianism

Julia Farrugia Portelli

A man in Malta has just been fined €1,500 for calling a minister of the government, “shit”. Hate laws which were initially introduced to protect minorities from racism and discrimination are being abused by politicians to prevent anyone from insulting them.

These laws should be abrogated. Clearly, you can’t give a weapon to a Labour politician without them abusing it.

Do you also have doubts about whether this is metaphorical shit? You can even smell the excrement coming out of this photo taken just last week of the minister in question, Julia Farrugia Portelli and Sandro Craus who is being charged in court over misappropriation of public funds for giving a phantom government job to Daphne’s murder middleman, Melvin Theuma.

Labour won’t change and won’t reform itself. It needs to be voted out.

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  1. With ¾ of Malta’s population being either Ġaħans or criminals it’s impossible or next to impossible that Labour will be voted out, I suppose.

    However, since Labour is NOT a political party but just a gang of criminals and assassins, thus it MUST be disbanded, as it is a real big threat to Malta’s democracy, and investigated. Plus criminal gangs should not be allowed to contest elections.

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