And the Winter will be big (for Russia)

I agree, Gazprom.

It’s going to be a big Winter for Russia.

Did you know that when the crisis in Venezuela began, corrupt government officials stole funds from oil companies while workers looted rigs resulting in most of Venezuela’s oil production capacity going offline? And yet, the price of Brent crude still went down?!

Did you also know that in Venezuela, the oil industry is in such a mess that old pipes leak with the consequence of polluting nearby towns and villages?

Did you know that what previously were considered Venezuela’s crown jewels, today have become the crown’s garbage?

Also, how do you like selling gas to China at $2.5 when NATGAS is $5? Much worse than selling it to Europe at $5, isn’t it?

Have fun staying poor, vatniks.

The only ones freezing to death this Winter will be Russian soldiers in the Ukrainian trenches.

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