The National Book Council confirms that my legacy is the only thing supporting the book industry right now

Mark Camilleri (Labour's derivative version of me, and their idea of a good joke)

So, the Times of Malta asked my successor what support the Book Council is giving to the book industry and basically, he gave a list of all the initiatives and programmes which were founded during my tenure.

The book industry in Malta is going through the worst economic challenges in its recent history, exactly at the moment that I was dishonourably discharged from my post and my legacy at the Book Council began getting wrecked.

Also, what kind of incompetent executive first loses his entity’s funds, to then ask the Ministry of Finances to hand over some of the lost finances back to issue a new subsidy instead of issuing the subsidy in the first place and not losing the money?

What a total wreck.



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  1. They have absolutely no idea. Bażużliżmu biss. – Mark Camilleri

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