He lied and he still lies today

Robert Abela’s political career has been consistently based on lies.

Here he is, lying during the Labour leadership race about his relationship with Keith Schembri and the Panama Papers. Robert is asked what was his position on the Panama Papers when the story broke out.

Robert Abela replies with a fact by stating that he was neither in the cabinet nor in parliament during that time. Indeed, he wasn’t. He was Joseph Muscat’s consultant. Robert Abela doesn’t say anything else other than “back then I commented on social media saying that politicians and businessmen shouldn’t sleep in the same bed (sic)”.

The total imbecile can’t even conjure a proper, articulated and convincing lie.

In actual fact, Robert Abela defended Keith Schembri in court when Simon Busutill was piling pressure on Schembri with regard to the Allied case.

Robert was always on their side and never minded their corruption because he was corrupt himself, raking in hundreds of thousands of Euros on fake government contracts. Just like Joseph and his friends, he thought the party would go on forever until he was forced to be Prime Minister to cover up all their dirt instead of going down badly along with all of the gang.



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