A total imbecile

I have often and repeatedly made the same mistake in my life of underestimating stupidity.

By declaring that France would not retaliate with a nuclear response if Russia used nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron has compromised the European nuclear deterrent. The point of having nuclear weapons is to make sure that your opponent doesn’t use nuclear weapons. It is also a deterrent in favour of the international rules-based order. Macron could have said nothing with no consequence at all, but instead chose to give up, for free, any leverage that France could have had on Russia in preventing it from using nuclear weapons.

The reverberations of his words on France’s standing in the international arena will be felt for years on end. In Europe’s defence context, France will surely no longer be trusted for choosing to take such importance unilaterally and without the backing of its allies.

What Macron did achieved nothing for Europe and Ukraine, and served as a green pass for Russia to nuke Ukraine? It is stupid, reckless and dangerous.

Emmanuel Macron doesn’t only get his history incorrect, he is a total imbecile and unfit for purpose.

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