Robert Abela won’t commemorate Daphne because he is a squalid and opportunistic coward

Many years of visceral propaganda against Daphne Caruana Galizia by ONE and the Labour Party has fostered great hatred for her amongst Labour Party supporters. A large segment of Labour supporters hate Daphne and the free press, so the Prime Minister and Labour leader, Robert Abela won’t do anything to commemorate her as that would risk alienating some of his supporters. Instead of commemorating Daphne, on the anniversary of her murder, he is holding a political rally for his supporters.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party’s propaganda arm, ONE keeps propagating hatred for Daphne and anything remotely critical of this government. Also, here is a sample of Labour Party supporters who abuse the free press online. This kind of abuse happens on a daily basis and in large volume.

It is about time, that finally, the press realizes that the government is not on their side and it is in fact, working against them and not for them. Also note the fake profile from the publicly-funded Labour troll farms (Maggie Callus).

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