Now you know that Robert Abela is a squalid and unprincipled authoritarian

As I have been saying consistently ever since last year, the time to resign from the sham and pseudo-consultation committee was before and resigning now is too little too late.

The Prime Minister is telling the press clearly and in your face that he is going against you. And he is using fascist tropes accusing his critics of this bill as part of the “Nationalist Opposition.”

I have never given this man the benefit of the doubt because I have known who he is for years before he was pushed for Prime Minister. The man is an unprincipled and squalid authoritarian. He’s in power for himself and he is conspiring against anyone and anything which is a risk to his hold on power.

Remember, as well that these press reforms were previously started by Justice Minister Edward Żammit Lewis who is a member of the Joseph Muscat cabal. It was evident from the start that the government had begun a hostile campaign to clamp down on the free press.

Finally, the press is slowly realising that the government is working against them and not for them.

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