The Prime Minister thinks and talks like a Super One “journalist”

You may think that the Prime Minister’s dumb Twitter tweets would be written by a ONE journalist, and in fact, they are. That’s why they are void of any essence and are simply a regurgitation of headlines and talking points read from elsewhere. Such as this tweet below where the Prime Minister simply rephrases the agenda of an international summit. He doesn’t say what he thinks nor can he articulate a decent position on any matter.

Ironically, the Prime Minister thinks and speaks exactly like his PR assistants who happen to be ONE journalist. Check out this interview made with him after an EU summit. He doesn’t seem to understand what he is talking about, let alone pronounce his position, opinions and thoughts as he simply gives a recital of the agenda of the summit. What does he even do at these meetings?

You can see him embarrassing himself (4.49) at the summit as he waits with the Turkish Foreign Minister to meet and greet Erdogan who in turn proceeds to walk away immediately as they are called to be seated. Even the people who are forced to stand next to him didn’t even want to speak to him.

Meanwhile, the real Prime Minister that Malta deserves discusses business with the big boys and girls.

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