The police announce that it is not easy to arraign their racist, abusive and violent members

Brandon Pisani

This is what you get when you appoint an incompetent propagandist to delicate public posts. Brandon Pisani, the Labour propagandist who was appointed PR officer for the Maltese police corps can’t even comprehend the meaning and the ramifications of his words.

It’s a “sad day for the police because it’s difficult to arraign colleagues.”

Really? I thought it puts some good light on the police that they would be able to prosecute their own officers and it would indeed be very worrying if the police would actually find it difficult to prosecute each other just because they are colleagues. I would assume that the police commissioner wouldn’t want to convey that message, wouldn’t he?

Prosit Brandon.

Maybe, and after all, his words do betray his inherent racism. I remember his father who worked for the Union Press and used to write invective and racist reports, specifically against black immigrants. I can’t recall his name but he always struck me as dumb, shallow and vile in character. Today, this guy’s son works for the police and wears a police jacket at work as if we, the press, aren’t going to recognise him. He looks ridiculous with that jacket on, and the police look even more ridiculous for having him.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of one of the accused with his king.

Jurgen Falzon

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