Not really, Saviour

Saviour Balzan wrote one of his typical emotional and irrational outbursts in his newspaper MaltaToday.  Amongst the several irrational things he said was that his critics criticised his involvement in the press reform because they don’t like MaltaToday.

No, Saviour, stop being infantile. I loved MaltaToday, was subscribed to it for several years and have been purchasing it on a regular basis ever since I discovered it. I personally, am your client apart from looking up to you as an experienced steward of the press industry from whom I can learn a lot. I have always respected you.

The problem is that you have let us down. And you have let us down big time. You could have used your influence and your role with the government to intransigently demand a proper press reform, instead, you played along the government’s wicked game of deceit and totalitarianism because you are a coward, or maybe just an old man who is tired of fighting. Nonetheless, you had a big responsibility over all of us and you squandered it.

And now, you realise, inadvertently, but of course, without admitting it, that I was right. That the right decision was to resign from the government-appointed committee back then, and not now that the government has already bulldozed over us.

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