Now, no illusions and no compromises

Yesterday’s announcement by OPEC that it would be reducing oil production should be enough to clear out all the illusions about relying on dictatorial and authoritarian states for energy. How pathetic can you be as a top European leader to make an unfactual and patronising speech about negotiating and trusting authoritarian states, only to have them stick it up to you?  Imbeciles like Emmanuel Macron will never learn, and this is why he is increasingly isolated and irrelevant in the West, along with Germany’s Scholz.

I’m still confident the West will win the energy war in the long run, even though we are burdened with incompetent and corrupt politicians. The task is not Herculean either – it just needs problem solvers who have basic common sense. The West has a long history of failures when it comes to energy security and today we are literally paying very high prices for these failures. In geopolitical terms, our choice in the path forward is very clear. We in the West, will either continue to empower dictators by buying their oil and gas, thus enabling more wars and more insecurity in the world, or we will be energy sufficient to the extent that we take off leverage from dictatorships and create a more secure, just and prosperous world. Sounds, idealistic, right? But it’s actually very practical, feasible and doable. The greens and the socialists in Europe have made a disaster of this crisis and have exposed their idiocy and reckless incompetence. Europe will either move to a sensible centre-right regime which knows how to deal with structural problems or it will go down the path of populist and fascist politicians who will make an even bigger mess than the greens and the socialists.

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