No plan and no idea: just platitudes

Minister of Finance. Clyde Caruana

It’s incredible how this shambles of a government was formed from the whim of the selfish ambition of Robert Abela and then proceeded to run the country just like when a teenager takes a joy ride with his daddy’s car.

Clyde Caruana is slowly becoming the mascot of the shambles of this government as he preaches platitudes while he and his colleagues do exactly the opposite of what he says.

First, Clyde Caruana preached about austerity in government finances, yet everyone including himself is doing the opposite. Clyde says that he is trimming the fat, but when you think about it it’s just rebalancing the books while transferring resources from one department to another, and practically, it’s just transferring money from various government departments to subsidise energy bills. Government expenditure is only set to increase.

So, basically, Clyde doesn’t have a plan, and they never did in the first place. Faced with a crisis, the only thing they are capable of is paying off the crisis with debt. But to do this you don’t need a minister of finances with an entourage of personnel, neither do you need a government which makes a press conference with 5 ministers present whenever the government subsidies projects. Their ideas are just an expansion of past rent-seeking activities and excessive property speculation. More yachts, more buildings, more cheap tourists for government-subsidised Celine Dion concerts. Meanwhile, the big structural problems keep increasing in gravity as they are ignored and put on the back burner. The bankruptcy of Enamalta and Air Malta, the corrupt energy contracts which have been renewed, the privatisation of our hospitals which is still costing us millions of Euros every year, the destruction of the environment, the excess traffic and congestion with the unregulated construction frenzy and the list keeps growing.

My point is very simple. You take over the government with the aim to improve the country and this is a very difficult task. Robert Abela and his merry friends are doing something completely different. They are running the country to stay in power, and it’s a very easy joyride when you are paying off your governance with debt and then expect taxpayers to offset the damage made by your joyride.

Here is something to ponder about. Robert Abela is doubling our national debt, while the economy is shrinking if you factor in a reduction of government subsidies and adjust the economic growth figures to real inflationary rates. Guess what happens when you take on excessive debt and your economy doesn’t even grow?

Edit: Should have also said that the government has already exceeded these estimates.

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