Creating a military committee was not in the Labour Party’s manifesto

Jonathan Attard: Justice Minister. Don't laugh, yet.

Even the Parliamentary sessions have become characteristic of a totalitarian state in the making. During yesterday’s Parliamentary session the Justice Minister lied about the government’s press reform saying that what they intend to do has been promised in the Labour Party’s electoral manifesto. There is nothing abnormal in justifying totalitarian measures by popular mandate, although even here the Justice Minister lies.

There is no mention whatsoever in the Labour Party’s manifesto that the government would have created a military committee to “supervise the security of journalists”.  Labour did not include this measure in their manifesto because it is of course, obscene, and it is also one of the reasons why it is bulldozing with this law in a rush without any public consultation. Neither was it in the manifesto that new provisions would be introduced to protect the privacy of everyone – a direct restriction on the press. If Labour wanted to protect the press it would have restored rule-of-law and stopped covering up for political criminals and others associated with the Labour Party. Meanwhile, Joseph Muscat seems to be in the all-clear as he gives interviews to the press about football and the police officers at the financial crime unit sell out to shady figures while others resign in mysterious circumstances. Everything that happened in 2019 and with regard to Daphne’s murder is of no preoccupation whatsoever to Labour as it sees those events as glimmers of  a past it does not even need to talk about.

The Parliamentary session continued with a question about the tender awarded for the rental of cars by the judiciary which was won by the criminal suspect and business associate of Robert Abela, Christian Borg. Apparently, the judiciary asked to revoke the tender. Christian Borg’s company right now is run by a previous Labour Party employee and official Party photographer, Joseph Camenzuli.

And we are still early. Just think about what’s yet to come.

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