A classic example of how governing should not be done

Recently, Clyde Caruana said that Air Malta is a classic example of how business should not be done. I agree with him, but he should also take his own advice and apply it to himself and the government.

This government has absolutely no plan nor vision for anything and Robert Abela runs the government like a monarchy. Labour donors and allies are greased by public contracts and outlandish permits while Labour subsidises its way to the elections. I’m not against energy subsidies, but giving out subsidies and expecting to pay the public debt by flooding the island with tourists is not really a plan. Our towns and the environment have got wrecked by corrupt planning policies and young people have had enough too. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that country is getting wrecked.

The crass incompetence is incredible. At a time when the government should restructure its energy policies and build for the future, the government is building race tracks and other shit. All of Europe is currently restructuring its energy policies and planning accordingly, but in Malta, our energy policy is actually confidential material. They literally have no idea what they are doing. Except for one thing of course. They are covering up the long trail of corruption in the government deals with Electrogas and Shanghai Electric and making sure that everything remains the same.

It’s like Greece 2.0 in the making. The government is incompetent, clueless and corrupt, and all it does is maximum spending and maximum debt. Here is a small example which betrays the Finance Minister’s own comments.

When oil went to 0 during the Covid pandemic in 2020, the government made no efforts to load up on oil and gas supplies, and nor did it do any hedging via futures contracts. I remember very well how at the same time the oil price went t 0, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri was out campaigning for the right of hunters to shoot birds in Spring. No attempt was made to secure a cheap supply of jet fuel for the years ahead fr Air Malta, either. So, why is Clyde complaining that business at Air Malta was not done well if even his government and himself didn’t do anything about it? It’s because Robert Abela has taken power out of pure selfish and immoral ambition, not because he had any idea of what to do or what he could do to make the country better. They literally have no idea what they are doing.

The monarchy of Robert Abela governs like a Benny Hill show, but it isn’t funny for young people or for ordinary people who will eventually bear the burnt consequences of the mess that Labour will leave behind. Future leaders need to come up with a convincing vision of the future of our country.

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