My 15 minutes of fame

Some people seem to be ready to do everything for a 15-minute of fame, even at the cost of coming out as unprincipled tools of a totalitarian regime.

The Maltese state broadcaster which is a propaganda arm of the Labour Party has released an interview with a Russophile Maltese who lives in Russia. He is married to a Russian woman, and that’s why he also lives there, but TVM didn’t mention it, of course, so as to hide his inherent bias. The Maltese man, Andrea Damato, seems to think that whatever is being said in the press on Russia is wrong and just a fantasy. He says that it is not true that people are fleeing Russia because of the mobilization and that most Russians want the war to end for the sake of their Ukrainian relatives.

Don’t take my word for it. Specialised aviation journalists are quoting flight prices from Russia to Dubai at $5,000, more than double what Andrea Damato is quoting. Don’t take my word for it about Russian fleeing either. It’s just a normal Russian day at the borders with thousands of Russian men attempting to flee Russia (Georgia and Finland have just shut their borders to Russian men). On Russian racism don’t take my word for it either, just ask Russians what they think of Ukrainians.

It’s disgraceful that the state broadcaster is being used to pander to the pro-Russian Labour line like this. The proper way to cover the Russian invasion of Ukraine was to bring the perspective of the victims who are Ukrainians and not Russians who live in Russia, let alone a Maltese man married to a Russian woman. What a bunch of clowns.

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