Some people don’t make mistakes. They are just scum

The previous Gozo Minister and Minister of Education, Justyne Caruana had to resign after giving a corrupt contract to her boyfriend Daniel Bogdanovich. The Standards Commissioner had also recommended Justyne be subject to a criminal investigation along with her permanent secretary, Frank Fabri. They haven’t been charged in court so far, but we get to that another time.

Justyne Caruana was previously married to corrupt police officer Silvio Valletta who had a reputation for corruption and had to resign for his links with Yorgen Fenech. She left him after these revelations were made in public.

Following her separation with Silvio Valletta, Justyne Caruana was publicly seen dating Daniel Bogdanovich, however, their relationship may have existed even before she left Valletta as Bogdonavich was protected by powerful politicians when he was arrested for allegedly beating his wife.

It makes perfect sense that Justyne would hook up with Bogdanovich as she burnt her relationship with her corrupt and ugly police officer of a husband. When she married Silvio, she probably saw it as a marriage of convenience which could also help her political career and contacts, compromising with pleasure in the bedroom. After acquiring enough resources for herself, Justyne went for something which she didn’t have in her sordid and boring upbringing as a young Gozitan Laburista: and that’s good sex.

Justyne Caruana was so deprived of good sex, that eventually, she gave up her career for it. Now, she works as a government lawyer for domestic violence victims, while being shielded from criminal investigation.

Bogdanovich is now suspected of having had his dog confiscated by the authorities for mistreatment while his case was covered up with the intervention of the then Minister Justyne Caruana.

People who pair with consistently bad partners, and who consistently do bad things are not naive but are simply bad people or just scum for short. Especially if you abuse animals: total scum.

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