Pay me in Bitcoin, bro. It’s anonymous they said

It’s incredible how naive some boomers can be about technology.

Apparently, Aaron Mifsud Bonnici is being investigated by the Maltese police over two Bitcoin transactions he made to Yorgen Fenech in 2018 which at that time valued around a total of €8000. The Shift News broke the news first, but upon checking the transactions, what struck me was the fact that Aaron Mifsud Bonnici set up his exchange accounts specifically to send Bitcoin to Yorgen Fenech, and for no other purpose.

Unless Aaron Mifsud Bonnici can show us an invoice and receipt where he paid Yorgen Fenech in Bitcoin, which is highly bizarre and highly improbable given that Bitcoin is not used for payments unless you live in a place like Africa where banking transactions are difficult to execute, then it is a typical case of money laundering through Bitcoin. Highly not recommended, of course, since all your transactions are recorded on the blockchain, forever, so it’s not really the ideal way to send illicit transactions, but we know that many idiots do because they don’t understand the technology. Apparently, Yorgen Fenech used his Bitcoin which Aaron sent him to buy guns on the dark web.

Aaron Mifsud Bonnici is not an ordinary lawyer. He is a trusted government lawyer and consultant and is often used for coal mining. He is also the lawyer for the General Workers’ Union and recently, the partner of Nationalist turncoat Roselyn Borg Knight.

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