No, Kurt Sansone, that is absolutely not what Robert Abela said

Kurt Sansone seems to be relishing his status as a government-approved journalist, so much so that he is writing fake write-ups with MaltaToday to paint a better picture of Robert Abela.

Apparently, Kurt Sansone took out the most embarrassing parts of Robert Abela’s speech at the UNGA and spun it as a speech in condemnation of Russian aggression. This is totally incorrect. What Robert Abela said was that he “condemned recent statements which escalate the situation that does not augur well” and he didn’t even mention Russia. The whole point of Robert Abela’s speech was that Europe and the West should appease Putin and force Ukraine to give up its land so as to end the war. This he said, should be done because poverty in Europe is increasing – never mind the Ukrainians getting killed and losing their nation-state by a genocidal aggressor. Robert’s message couldn’t even be clearer.

I wouldn’t have had any problem if Kurt praised the government knowing very well where his bias lies, but it is a completely different matter to abuse the reputation of a reputable newspaper to spin fake news about the Prime Minister.

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