Ulied in-Nanna Venut Imorru l-Amerki

It’s incredible how the current profile of the Labour elite is in perfect tandem with the stereotype of the Maltese literary idiot of Ġwann Mamo.

Imagine a bunch of kids who live with their parents and have no significant life or work experience, although some of them like Robert Abela don’t live with their mother because they are being greased with corrupt contracts by the government.

These idiots take over the government and suddenly a new world of endless opportunities via corruption and nepotism opens up to them. They leave their mother’s homes and take on big jobs.

Since most of them were poor before getting government jobs, and as a consequence didn’t travel much, they see government travel as an exciting and special opportunity, in contrast to the experienced executive who is bored to his death travelling to airports and hotels for meetings which could have been held online. It is the first time these Labour Ġaħans have been to the US and they are going to make a party out of it. So, Robert Abela forks out €140,000 from public funds to take a bunch of political appointees with him for a big party. The girlfriend of the chief of staff tags along too (allegedly with her funds) because she can’t miss the opportunity of being in New York with her boyfriend when he is supposedly working around the clock.

They are pathetic and a total embarrassment to us.

The Maltese mega-delegation at the UNGA was useless. Nothing serious was discussed as the Prime Minister held meetings with the Presidents of Ghana and Yemen. In 2014 Malta Enterprise organised a roundtable between the Maltese delegation and American industrialists. This never happened again. Currently, the whole world is discussing war, energy security, food security, economic trade, geopolitics and the restructuring of the global order but the Prime Minister went to New York to tell us that the Malta Gay Rights Movement has secured the EuroPride for the next year.

Meanwhile, we have to contend with the virtuous financial piety of the Finance Minister who is pretending to instil government austerity whilst asking taxpayers to foot the bill. What a fucking joke of a government.

Prosit Ministru.


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